Project Finance & Business Loan

Finance forms core part in life cycle of any business. Right from the incorporation to expansion and running the normal business, finance is required. No business can succeed without proper financial planning and management. There only two forms of raising finance:

  • Equity - This is the promoter's contribution to the business. It is the costliest formof finance.
  • Debt - This is the cheapest form of finance. To be successful every business should have a proper mix of debt and equity.

Debt can be Secured or Unsecured. Banks and NBFC's normally ask for security for new business's without proper track record. Unsecured loan can be raised for shorter tenure of 1-5 years.

Mortgage loan is a kind of secured loan. Banks and NBFC's offer secured business loan by mortgaging residential or commercial property. The rate of interest is lower for secured loan.

High debt can be dangerous. So balancing debt and equity in an efficient manner is very important aspect of business. We guide our client in all aspect of debt equity management.

We also provide assistance in raising Project Finance and Working Capital.

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